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This is a breeding ground and soapbox for our collective hate of software

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we hates software. Who are we? These are we

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You subscribe to the hates-software mailing list. Every thread you start becomes a blog post on we.hates-software and in your own personal soapbox http://$username.hates-software.com.

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The software currently takes your username as being whatever comes before the @ in your subscribed address, unless you customise it here.

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We have an nntp feed of the pure hate at news://hates-software.com/hates-software.all, so you can comment from there without needing to set up an account. We'll also be putting together an RSS feed real soon now.

Your site sucks

I'm busy writing fresh software for you to hate using existing software that I already hate.

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If Siesta is giving you static (it is still in beta) mail me and I'll try and sort it out for you.

This site thrown together by richardc. Original hates-software idea by Arthur Bergman. All opinions expressed are those of the individual contributors.